Preventing Natural Disasters

Many religions and many cultures believe that the end of the world is near because of all the natural disasters that are occurring one after another all around the world. While these religions are correct in saying the end of the world is near, the truth is that is that it is not any divine power that is causing these natural disasters but humans themselves. For centuries humans have been using of the earth’s resources like there was no tomorrow, cutting down trees and breaking stone mines for their own use and today we are experiencing the results of these actions. While it is completely possible that these effects are irreversible, there are many things that each of us can do to change this a little bit every day.

Things you can do to change the world

Most people believe that they themselves have played no part in the destruction of the earth and that they are innocent. They also believe that they are individuals have no power to change this trend of natural disasters and devastation. However they are wrong in thinking both of these as each of us are responsible for the earth’s destruction from the trees that we cut down for our cheap engineered timber flooring to our floor covers.

If we were to stop and think about how much wood we use in our daily lives from the visible wooden items such as timber floors we use to the mounts of paper we waste, it is quite clear that each of us play a big role in the destruction of the world and are therefore responsible in part for the natural disasters that occur every day around us.

What can you do to save the world?

With every purchase you make and every decision you make every day, you can choose the option that has less impact on the world. If you had to decide between a wooden floor and a concrete floor, choose the concrete floor. If you had to choose between recycled plastic chairs and wooden chairs for your dining room, choose the plastic chairs and make sure you use it for a long time as the production of plastic is also responsible for destroying the world. Every day you will have decisions to make and making the right decision will have less of an impact on the environment. One example is the consumption of meat for humans. The meat industry that kills over fifty six billion land animals each year is responsible for a majority of the destruction of the earth as they cut down trees to make space to grow the animals that they kill. Therefore giving up meat can have a bigger impact that not using a car.