How To Install Tiles In The Bathroom

Tiles are now considered as the most desirable tool for flooring, there was a time when mosaic was the only option but since the introduction of tiles things have changed totally. It is recommended to hire a professional to get the job done; even if one is hiring professional one must know how things go during the installation of the tiles. So there are few steps which one can easily follow and install the tile flooring himself/herself OR one can check if the professional worker is doing his/her job properly:

Measuring: measurement is the base and the foundation pillar in order to understand and know the number of alfresco tiles in Greensborough. Because the cost can only be defined after measuring the area and then count the tiles accordingly. The best way to measure the area for tile is to take the inch tape and put one corner at the edge of one side of the wall and measure till the other side, moreover one has to measure the center of the room as well from the edges of the wall. Otherwise, it won’t give the exact count of tiles. The best way to identify the center of the room is to place a thread from one corner of the wall to the other corner and repeat this method on all four sides of the walls the crossing or the coinciding spot should be the center of the room.

Placement strategy: the best way to start the tile installation is to strategize before applying things practically. Just pick one piece of the tile and place it with one corner of the tile at the center of the room.

Prepare the floor: now when the strategy and everything is done, it is important to prepare the floor completely. Which means first clean the floor to clear any irregularity, shred the floor if necessary to remove any or every irregularity? After cleaning the surface make another floor with the help of normal cement, if required one can use the white cement too. Start placing tiles one by one carefully, the tricky part is to place the second tile with the same distance; for which try to use straws or any other thin element to place the tile properly. Visit for ceramic tiles.

Level the surface: after the placement of the tiles take a flat piece of wood (a wood bar). Place it on the tiles and use a wooden hammer to level the tiles in case of uneven situation. After leveling the complete surface the actual procedure of filling starts. With the help of white cement fill all the square lines and make sure to wipe all the residual to give it a professional look.