Emergency Services That We Should Be Aware Of.

What are emergency services?

Emergency services are those services that are provided to people during an emergency such as an accident, natural disaster, and sudden illness or during an unexpected event. These services are provided to make the day to day activities of man easy and to ensure the safety of public. Most emergency services are provided out of charge and public gets their services for free. However, there are two types of services. One public emergency services and two, private emergency services. Private emergency services are those that would provide their services for a monetary value, while, public emergency services are provided by the government for the betterment of the public and the welfare of the society.

Civil emergency services.

These are the emergency services that every public should know about. Civil emergency services are services provided in different areas and groups. Civil emergency services are provided to the public either as a part of their job, or some even do it as their hobby. This includes 24 hour plumber Highett services to repair broken water systems, pipes and other repairs. There are emergency road service providers. They provide, transport, repair and help to recover vehicles that have met with an accident or have misfunctioned. There is also pest control which helps in emergencies involving pests.

The life boat services host constant rescue services for those drowning victims. These life savers are usually stationed at the sea and areas where there are pools.However, there are specific organizations that with the permission of the law and enforcement that provide many public emergency services for free to help the community. They provide public services such as clearing blocked drains, providing sanitary and other health facilities to under developed areas, construct bridges and so on.

Main emergency services and their functions.

While the above emergency services provide their services to a community or one part of a country, there are main emergency services that provide their services to the whole country. The major emergency service of a country is the law enforcement which includes the police, marine. Army and the air force. The second major emergency service is the fire rescue service. They engage in rescuing civilians from sudden fires, and they help in firefighting. The third major emergency service is the medical emergency service. They provide quick ambulance and first aid services. Different emergency services have different contact numbers while most countries would have a common emergency contact number for easy access for the public.

An emergency service is usually ranked basically, according to the time that they take to reach the place of incident. The time they take to response usually faster than any other service. Therefore, the amount of time to act, is the most crucial component of an emergency service.